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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Dear colleagues!

Everybody studies a foreign language at school. Perhaps it’s better to say that everybody HAS TO study. The teacher tries to motivate his/her students. How? In different ways- singing beautiful songs, watching funny cartoons, playing special language games and so on and so forth. But it’s not a secret that learning a language is hard work. We can’t only entertain students we should teach them grammar and spelling, rules of reading and wordformation. And we can’t do without drilling. Unfortunately, it’s not so exciting! And only few of the students (VERY FEW! I should say) study language on their own, besides classes using all kinds of resourses. How to motivate students? Can you share your experience? Can you give some useful tips for your colleagues? How to start? What sites can be useful? How do you enlarge your students' vocabulary and improve reading skills? Join the conversation!

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  1. Hi, Natalie!
    A very nice blog and a good speech! I like it so much, really.
    As for motivation, I believe that every student should have some real practice of English speaking.I mean, not at school, but abroad! The earlier the student starts this experience the better chance he or she has for his or her personal motivation study English. And, what is more, every parent must find an opportunity to give his child such a chance! It's extremely important I think.