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Thursday, May 8, 2014

We bow our heads respectfully before the memory of our heroes

Пройди по ссылке, зажги свечу и помолчи...

   One of the most remarkable public events in our country is the Victory Day. It is traditionally celebrated on the 9th of May. This patriotic holiday commemorates the victory of the USSR over the Nazi Germany. Every year in honour of this day in all cities across the country lots of cheerful parades and celebrations are held. Despite the fact that the holiday is celebrated in a cheerful way, May 9 is a sad day for people. Many people lost their loved ones and close relatives during this terrible war. From one hand everyone is happy that the country wasn’t occupied by the fascist invaders, from the other hand everyone grieves over their loss. On this day we are grateful to those who sacrificed their lives for us. 

 МУЛЬТФИЛЬМ о Великой Отечественной войне "Сильные духом крепче стены"  Watch this cartoon about WW II and be proud of our ancestors.